What makes a bag desirable?


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What Makes a Bag.. Desirable?

Holding your new purse for the first time is an experience close to that of a test drive. You see the item in practice and without even thinking, you are weighing the pros and cons, the overall profile of it and how its characteristics serve your daily needs. Whether it’s the shape, the material, or the technical details – and once you have agreed on the fact that you love this style – you evaluate your bag on how wearable it is. It all comes down to functionality that pleases the eye. Doing constant research on what is functional for the busy woman out there, we came up with safe conclusions about what to love in a bag today. We all create a bond with our purse as we are juggling all sort of amazing and not so amazing experiences throughout the day. Let’s share our vision for a bag that serves you the most, boosts your mood, and loves you back!




Pursh - Jolie Bag - Interior

Retrieving your keys, phone, or lipstick from your purse has to be easy and fast; not time-consuming and  challenging. A structured size purse is proven to be a more orderly space for the essentials you are carrying with you. Micro and mini sizes can’t hold all of them. You might end up stuffing your pockets with the rest of the necessary items, which means smaller sizes are for the evening or less busy lifestyles. In daytime, the geometric shape of the small-to-medium Jolie bag is proven more convenient. The single-compartment design (equipped with a safe-for-valuables zip pocket) of manageable size is pure delight in times of rush and action. A speedy retrieval is a done deal and this is definitely a dream come true for many girls in the room! On the other hand, we all have happened to hold a bag that is so roomy and shapeless that useful things are randomly swimming in its interior and we are retrieving things from there like we are drawing lots. So, large geometric bags should be as smartly designed as the roomier Julie and Boss Lady styles, ideal for work. 



Another practical dimension of the ‘dream bag’ is its classic appeal. We need a purse that works with everything in our closets at any time and on any occasion. That’s not too much to ask for; we deserve a bag that fits our multi-faceted schedules as moms, business or working women, social creatures, and travellers/globetrotters! The minimalist trapezoid shape of the Jolie bag works with your jeans or ‘power suits’ in the mornings, and your dresses in the evenings. Subtle studding and gold-tone hardware gives it a timeless modern touch for a feel-young feminine look. The cool envelop style which was first introduced back in the 20s and 30s has been always a popular choice and will continue to be. It has a sophisticated flair that never fails!


Right Color

Pursh - Jolie Bags - Colors

The actual color of your purse should be a styling asset; not a burden. You don’t have enough time to ponder over combos before hitting a serious meeting or other engagement! Coming in ultra-chic shades (Jasmine White, Midnight Black, Chocolate, Merlot Red), the adorable Jolie bag can be part of any great polished look including a desk-to-dancefloor outfit. Let’s style the black or merlot red purse with an LBD (Little Black Dress) or a dark tailored suit and high heels for a cocktail party or a formal dinner. In the mornings, we can mix the chocolate hue purse with heritage checks and monochrome wools as well as denim looks and earthy-tone prints. For the Spring/Summer season, the white one is your go-to purse, either contrasting colorful motifs or enhancing the allure or neutrals and pastels. It can also be part of a year-round total white look or sharpen an all-black look. A sleek black or white purse can take you anywhere! Mix it with literally all clothes in your wardrobe and with classic pumps or statement shoes. If your ensemble is too bold or colorful, make sure your shoes are a bit more neutral.
As fashionistas you can also mix all four Jolie bag shades with bright statement-making monochromes. Who doesn’t want to play with colors? 



Pursh - Jolie - Desk

Styling your purse and carrying it different ways brings versatility to the mix. The Jolie bag has two handles. The small handle alone turns it into a retro top-handle handbag style. In this version, tie around the handle either the romantic Canto Scarf with calligraphy lettering or the preppy Stria Scarf with a striped motif. The longer adjustable strap will transform it into a less-formal shoulder bag that you can also rock crossbody for a more casual-sporty outing. Adjustable length in the strap means ‘the world’ to us, as it offers the right fit for each body silhouette or use. Throwing it crossbody over a fluffy coat, for example, means that you surely need more length in the strap! Versatility is also the key to other favorite structured designs such as the fancier Vivienne or the edgier Jeannie. Get the first one for party time and the second for outdoor concerts!



In the era of Covid-19, it is important to buy products that give back to the community and the planet. We love the Jolie bag because it is animal-friendly (crafted from vegan leather) and comes at a reasonable price so that every woman is able to get it, as it is the case for many other purses within the Pursh Collection. Even before the pandemic broke, 5% of every purchase has been going to a cause of your choosing. Today, order prepping, product handling, packaging, and delivery are all conducted in accordance with hygiene protocols advised by local and global health institutions and experts. Your beautiful Jolie purse will safely arrive from the company’s warehouses in Asia where extensive use of masks, gloves, sanitizers, employee social distancing and frequent temperature checks are applied. Safe shopping is what smart shoppers do!
Pursh Collection offers a variety of bags to meet many a need and desire. Take a look at our full collection of handbags, shoulder bags, crossbody bags and more and remember: consider what needs you have for style and function as you look for your new bag!


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