We give you a carefully curated and affordable selection of bags (purses) for every outfit, every season and every mood. 


At Pursh Collection, we offer free shipping worldwide. As we send so many shipments internationally, we have opted to use an economic shipping service that allows us to offer free shipping. We also offer 45-day returns (extended due to COVID-19), and our Pursh Points Rewards program.
Shopping at Pursh Collection
We source products from all over the world to build an exciting collection of different bag styles, materials, sizes and affordable price ranges. We partner with other creators, manufacturers and suppliers to make this collection accessible. Learn more about the process hereWe primarily ship from two of our international warehouses in Asia, with some US orders shipping from our US office.


We believe in spreading love and kindness in the world, so it's important to us to show that when we communicate with our customers. We know you may not always be satisfied with your purchase, or that issues may come up with your order, but we ALWAYS aim to make it right whenever possible, and to provide great service while doing so.


It also important to us that we give back. We believe that when we as a company are fortunate enough to be able to do what we do, we have to pass it on. We donate 5% of every purchase you choose to a cause you're passionate about.


Thank you for checking us out! Reach out  if you have any other questions and our team will gladly help!


Chief Pursh Collector

P.S. What's the difference between Purse and Bag?

We know it may be a bit confusing depending on where you're from. In the US, we use both purse and bag to generally mean the same thing. We also may use different terms in different regions, or depending on the bag style. You may also hear pocketbook, handbag (even if it's not a handbag) and others. In other english-speaking countries, 'purse' may refer to what we call a 'wallet'. Interesting, huh?