We're so excited to begin working with you! Here's a step-by-step procedure on how to request products that you want to share on your Instagram.

The shopping link to begin this process was provided to you by e-mail. 

As a reminder, by requesting our products using the link by provided in the e-mail, you agree to our Collaboration Terms. 


Follow these Steps



Note: We use a program called Carro to help make the influencer shopping experience super smooth!

1. Click the shopping link in your approval e-mail and you'll be brought to our homepage. You'll see a small circle with dots on the side (we'll call them the Carro Dots), and a welcome message. 

Carro Dots
These are the Carro dots!
Home Page


2. Start shopping! Just shop our website for products. The Carro Dots will be your guide. It will help you along the way with instructions, and you can always click them for more help.

Request Item


3. When you've selected your products, just go to the shopping cart. Note that not all products may be applicable. You'll be provided instructions via the Carro dots to begin the submission process.


Complete Request



Follow the steps and prompts to complete the process.


Next Steps


1. We review the request for approval.

2. If approved, we'll create an order for your free product(s). You'll get an order confirmation and shipping confirmation once it is sent.

3. If declined, we'll reach out to let you know why and what we can change. 

 Remember! If you're not happy with the products, just let us know. Also, please note our shipping boxes are not very exciting (we're working on it!) - we do not recommend sharing unboxing experiences as there isn't much to see yet!

Questions? E-mail us at collabs@purshcollection.com