Sasha: The Multi-Styler

A Bag to Style Multiple Ways 

The most discussed fashion item in the world – at times even with a controversial reputation – derives from the eternally practical quest for a hands-free carrier of our essentials. The fanny pack (in American English) or bum bag (in British) is described as ‘banana bag’ by the French and ‘kidney bag’ by the Spanish. It is also called a ‘moon bag’ and a ‘belly bag.’ Revamped and redesigned in endless variations, it is currently referred to as a waist bag or belt bag. Sasha - BlackBack in 1991, when one of its many revivals happened, Otzi the Iceman who lived 5,000 years ago was discovered in the Italian Alps next to his cowhide belt bag carrying the essentials. Gradually this prehistoric bag evolved into a relatively small pouch protected from street theft with a belt firmly adjusted to one’s waist. Ancient Egyptians, Romans, and later gentlemen in the Middle Ages were carrying a variation of the ‘alms bag’ or belted coin purse as depicted in a few works of art. Ladies in Victorian times carried their essentials suspended from the bejeweled ‘chatelaine’ chain belt structure. In the early 50s the British coined the term ‘bum bag’, and soon after the American term ‘fanny pack’ was published on Sports Illustrated magazine as the accessory that carries a skier’s snacks and map as well as the essentials of hikers, horseback riders, cyclists, and even photographers capturing beauty on the European slopes.


Truths & Myths

Sasha - SummerAustralian Melba Stone, who is not confirmed as a historical person, has been credited with designing in 1962 the first fanny bag inspired by kangaroo pouches. The truth is that in the 60s and 70s it was a mainstream accessory among skiers, and in the 80s it reached major trend status with the first hints at athleisure (gym attire adopted on the streets) and the rise in tourism. American and Japanese travelers popularized it in nylon fabrics and neon versions, soon associated with sloppy travel gear. In the early 90s it had a quick comeback as an ‘it item’ designed by luxury brands, a concept that faded into the 00s due to pop culture references to uncool nerdy or dad’s fashion choices. Yet skateboarders in Japan and the US were still using it and they soon shifted into wearing it crossbody to ease their moves. Hipsters (and athleisure fans) referenced the glorious 90s and hip hop culture, so around 2012 high-end designers re-introduced the fanny pack to the market as a ‘hands-free bag’ or ‘belted satchel’ in slightly bigger size and with versatile styling possibilities. Street-style stars and bloggers adopted it to the fashion weeks and outdoor music festivals such as Coachella and Glastonbury. By 2018 its comeback was confirmed even by ever-posh Vogue. Adding to the concept of an elegant multi-styler that serves the needs of the busy modern woman, our favorite style Sasha can be adopted day-to-evening, in the city, or off to a fun destination. It has a timeless crescent shape alluding to the original fanny pack and can be styled in 7 different ways. It is equipped with a short chain strap and a longer, wider detachable leather strap. You can keep them both on, or remove the leather strap for instant versatility in the look. We love its zip closure with hoop-shaped runners securing the top flap and its sleek tonal stitching.




7 Ways to Style It

Sasha - Waistbag - FrontSasha - Waistbag - Rear

As a Waist Bag: As we saw this is a recurring trend that stood the test of time. It gives your looks a sporty or casual feel and a great degree of functionality. Rendered in vegan leather, as opposed to nylon canvas in the past, it is more than sportswear or travel attire essential. Wear the bag on the front/side or rear for multiple styling options. Score! 2 Style Points.


Sasha - Crossbody - FrontSasha - Crossbody - Rear

As a Cross-Body Bag: A bag worn crossover but closer to the body via a slightly shorter strap is on-trend. This styling is an evolution to the idea of the belt bag that was informally adopted crossbody since the 90s. It gives a cool spin to your workwear including blazers, button-downs, and power suits. Another style that can be worn on the front/side or rear. This gets 2 Style Points.

Sasha - Shoulder Bag

As a Shoulder Bag: It comes in lieu of a satchel in a convenient small-to-medium size with enough room for more than your bare essentials. You can shift to the shoulder bag styling for the ‘happy hour’ or for any occasion you might attend after work, even the last minute. The leather strap continues to be a professional touch to your looks, still way softer and more feminine than that of the cross-body variation. And the chain strap is tangling as a classic detail. 1 Style Point for this!

Sasha - Handbag

As a Handbag: The length of the chain strap allows you to carry this bag two ways; as a handbag and as an underarm bag. You can wear it to a party with high heels, skinny pants or a mini-length dress. In this case, remove the more casual leather shoulder strap. Here's to another (1) Style Point!

Sasha - Underarm Bag

As an Underarm Bag: Its discreet medium size allows you to wear it to a dinner with a sheath dress. This is your desk-to-dinner or desk-to-dancefloor style companion; just remove the leather strap. The chain strap length offers a great underarm option for the evening. You can alternatively keep the leather strap tangling, as a morning look detail, especially when attending a corporate lunch. Score! Another Style Point!

That's 7 Style Points for 7 different ways you can wear this style. 


Shades and Effects

As it is the ethical norm for the collection, Sasha is crafted from vegan leather. The Sasha Summer edition is accented with an island-inspired straw layer, as well as vegan leather piping and a quilted flap. It is a chic contrast of textures that comes in Latte Brown and Porcelain White colors. With a versatile matte finish, Sasha Matte is a slightly longer style that comes in Lipstick Red, Aegean Blue, and some fabulous neutral shades ((Onyx Black, Porcelain White, Blush Pink, Cloud Gray, Sage Green, and Coin Gray). For the city, or later for a transition to Fall/Winter looks, Sasha is a glossed vegan leather version that comes in great urban shades such as Pine Green and Berry Red.

Do you have any more styling options and ideas you'd like to share for this bag? Comment below!


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