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Every outfit needs it's own unique stylish purse or handbag


As countries are carefully strategizing, and some of them are already implementing their post-Covid19 phase, easing lockdowns based on comparisons of pandemic metrics, be proactive, and plan your comeback wardrobe. Purses carrying your new ‘essentials’ such as sanitizers and masks, will play a crucial role in your effort to get back to your normal life. Since the 19th century and the industrial revolution, women are adopting the idea of owning a complete purse wardrobe with styles for different occasions. With a little more free time in your schedule, your current status might allow you to go through your collection and fill in the gaps with new bags designed to fit your busy lifestyle. Your response to the novel coronavirus crisis should come with grace and a rational mind. It’s time to get back on track in style!


Morning Errands

Tote Tote Tote Bag

In most countries, grocery shops, delis, supermarkets, and pharmacies never closed, yet many of you shifted to the easiness of online orders. If you are again tempted to hit the local market in person, you need a roomy bag that might probably even hold some of your packaged groceries inside. When brick-and-mortar schools or outdoor sports facilities open again, you also need to carry a large tote while dropping your kids off or picking them up. The actual definition of a tote more or less comes down to a sizeable double-handle shoulder bag. The first styles pretty close to this definition appeared in the 40s and were initially designed to carry ice! It’s an easy carry-all, smaller than the weekender but larger than most of your other bags. The word ‘tote’ most probably has its roots to an African one that means carry, pick up or pile up. Today your stylish Tote Tote Tote that comes in 4 easy-to-mix colors will be hosting your keys, smartphone, tablet, wipes, mask, hat, and of course your sunnies because summer is happily around the corner. You can also throw in it your kid’s toys, a magazine, and a vanity case. Long days out make a spacious tote an absolute requirement.

Office Hours

If your work-from-home era is coming to an end, then take all necessary precautions to protect your health and get back to work with a business-as-usual frame of mind. Pair your power suit or girl boss outfit with the briefcase-inspired Briefly shoulder bag with a structured design that is polished enough to continue with you well into a business lunch or happy hour drinks. First modern briefcases appeared in the 1850s, yet their style predecessors included the slouchy money bags in the 14th century and the book satchels in the 16th century. This bag equipped with interior pockets, slots, and a compartment that can carry in an organized manner your essentials, gadgets, and serious paperwork, all available for fast retrieval at a conference, presentation, or – when that’s again a possibility - on a business trip.

Lunch Time

Lizzy Shoulder Bag

If you are a freelancer or still working from home or carry a minimum load of things to the office, a medium-size handbag will become a great asset. Try sleek styles that serve more than one purpose and act as neutrals or luxe basics in your outfit. With a great design twist and a secure zippered top, the Lizzy bag can take you anywhere from a lunch with friends, to an art gallery presentation, early drinks at a bar, the movies, or even a serious business meeting. The versatility of mid-size bags is immense, and within the Pursh collection, you will find many midi styles crafted from vegan leather and other finest quality materials.

Weekend Attire


Bring Back my Rucksack Backpack

The COVID-19 crisis showed us the way to more personal time dedicated to our needs, family, and friends. Weekends, more than ever before, should be about quality time with our loved ones, including fabulous brunches and getaways in the countryside. Open-air activities such as hiking, horse-back riding, trekking, and walking in the woods are highly encouraged. We are also now embracing a fitness-focused lifestyle that brings our wellness to the forefront. A sporty or casual look can be accompanied with an effortless chic purse such as the Val bucket style or the athleisure-inspired Bring Back my Rucksack. The first backpacks were invented in the 30s for camping and alpine recreation, while the first bucket bags were created around the same time to carry champagne bottles safely. Can you think of anything more glamorous? Just pick an activity!    


If you missed having margaritas and mojitos with friends and attending outdoor concerts, we assure you that these days aren’t over. Preplan your purse wardrobe to spice up your cool ensembles such as summer dresses with sandals, shorts with tunics, or bell bottoms, and jumpsuits. Think of the bohemian 70s and reincarnate them with the Sasha Summer featuring a Riviera-worthy straw layer. Or go for a sexy animal print with our snakesin patterned Mara bag. With a bodycon dress and stiletto heels, this bag will become your style companion for romantic dinner dates and girls’ night outs.

Special Occasions

Recently you are constantly receiving invites to podcasts and online concerts or performances. Still, sooner or later, your calendar will be filled with invites to various occasions, including weddings, cocktail parties, pool parties, and formal dinners, some of them with a dress code. Eveningwear is meant to shine bright in all its details; hence the purse size is smaller, as a playful addition to your gorgeous dress. Our favorite includes the Zola Mini that can also be held as a clutch. Since the late Renaissance period, women are proud to carry their evening bags to various events. The mini purse is on-trend even for your morning looks, so it is a real investment. You can also rock it to the next fashion week and transform yourself into a street style star!   




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