Hacks on How to Wear and Style Bags Different Ways - A Step by Step Guide

Fashion week and street style inspiration is precious when it comes to bag styling. Fashion insiders give us clues on how to wear one bag multiple ways, as well as which bag to wear based on our outfit and body type. Structured, sleek bags are great for curvier body shapes (pear or apple types), while slouchy, voluminous bags work with rectangular body types. You can also balance out an inverted triangular body type with a bulky shoulder bag hanging next to your hips. Yet the most crucial piece of advice goes around what is ‘of the moment’ in terms of styling. Let’s go through tricks and tips on how your bag collection can feel young and fresh. This is your step-by-step guide to bag relevance!    


Opt for Layers

Arianne Shoulder Bag and Layers

  • You can layer your mini purses like the Arianne Shoulder Bag in multiples to create a fashionable look. Juxtapose them in different colors of the same style as crossbody purses from the same shoulder, or crisscross from your two shoulders. It’s practical! More ‘minis’ can hold all your on-the-go essentials.
  • The winter-time layering of thick sweaters and outerwear pieces calls for either a top-handle style or for a shoulder bag with a long strap that glides through fluffy or rough texture. Chain straps or those made of glossed leather are incredibly comfy with layers. Slim straps can also let the texture stand out as they dip into its richness or fluffiness.
  • Another way to layer bags with outerwear is by layering over your dress a crossbody bag first and then a roomy coat or jacket on top. Bring the bag to the front and keep it visible through your unfastened outerwear. ‘It’ girls from across the world love this inverted styling.


Play with Straps

Gemma and Margo - Play with Straps

  • You can wrap around your wrist and hold the slim straps of a drawstring bucket bag or other mini shoulder bag like the Margo Canteen Bag for a playful twist. Let it dangle from your hands like a retro pouch.
  • Wear as crossbody styles the purses that have a medium-size shoulder strap. That way, the actual purse will get closer to your body and a little higher than it sits with a longer strap. It offers a quicker and safer retrieval of your valuables.
  • Let a longer strap loose or tucked inside, and hold your bag from the top-handle. You can shift to your shoulder strap when you get tired or want to swap styling.
  • Bags like the Gemma Shoulder Bag are designed to be versatile, often including different removable straps and handles. Over the last seasons, fashionistas are wearing their waist-bag-inspired styles as crossbody purses or shoulder bags. They also wear their shoulder bags as crossbody purses and their underarm bags as top-handle purses and clutches. They even twist and loop long shoulder straps around their shoulders to create DIY backpacks. Just let imagination fly!
  • A roomy underarm tote is also a fashionable option when the top handles of a roomy tote are a little longer.


Hold it Various Ways

Claire and Viviana Bags

  • Hold your Viviana pouch on your hands like an evening clutch in the daytime. It’s not a hands-free option but is cool and fashion-forward; the attached strap can be used anytime you feel inconvenience.
  • Some ladies still hang their handbags from their elbows, as a nod to a retro, ultra-feminine style. This way of holding it might not fit thicker sleeves but is excellent with less bulky fabrics.
  • Small flap bags like the slimmer Claire can also be held like a briefcase or a tablet, close to your hips or chest, without any strap or handle in use. It’s a very sophisticated touch to any morning look.  


Mix Textures & Proportions

Sasha and Clementine

  • Textures multiply in the winter wardrobe, allowing you to have fun with fashion. A croc-effect, patent, or glossed bag like the Sasha Shine  looks divine with a fluffy coat or mohair sweater.
  • A vegan suede or velvet scrub-effect bag like the Solene  contrasts beautifully a satin or other shiny fabric.
  • Matt bag materials mix well with sparkly fabrics like sequined, metallic, or bejeweled ones.
  • With textural contrasts, you can keep your bag and clothes within the same color family, to avoid tricky maximalist experiments, unless you are a pro in styling.
  • Across the runways, we’ve seen daring blends of textures as well as of proportions. In the era of XXS and XXL bags, everything is possible. As a rule of thumb, oversize looks can accommodate a larger bag and fitted looks a micro one.
  • Still, fashionistas are pushing the envelope, rocking on the streets huge totes with fitted dresses and mini bags with boxy coats or chunky knits. You are allowed to play with sizes and proportions; don’t go by the book. Plus, mini bags are not anymore made only for the evening!
  • You can exaggerate with one element to create an engaging, out-of-the-ordinary look. The same applies to texture. Embrace those that are not traditionally associated with cold weather. A faux fur coat with a straw bag like the Clementine? Sure, why not?


Go Tonal

Remy Shoulder Bag

  • Sometimes you want your bag to pass unnoticed and have a sleek, detail-free look. On-trend monochrome looks are the right answer. A tonal bag will offer you the same functionality minus the impact. When you go from the office to a bar or event, your roomy purse matching the colors of your suit will be an elegant choice.
  • It’s good to mix & match different colors, but that feels more casual when we are talking about larger daytime purses.
  • Play the tonal game with neutrals such as black, blush, beige, white, or grey. This fabulous trick works around the clock. This attitude originated in the 50s when everything had to be matchy-matchy; gloves, bag, shoes, and dress, made of the same fabric. Today, you don’t need tailor-made clothes and accessories, just combine similar shades of the same color. Check the Remy for it!


Find Smart Accents

Bag Scarves

  • Small accessories such as neck scarves, coin purses, wallets, keyrings, and micro pouches can transform a bag when attached to it in creative ways. Most bags have more than one anchor point for such accessories, so check through a bag’s hardware for more ideas. Hang some bag-candy or portable sanitizer from the top-handle, the hoops of a chain or strap, the closure, and more.
  • Braid or twist a scarf  around a strap or handle, tie it into a bow or a knot, and let its ends loose, depending on your mood. Fold it around your bag flap; it’s up to you!
  • Use tiny wallets and keyrings in multiples as decorative bag charms. They are a quick makeover for your favorite bags. Pair them in terms of hardware, the gold-tone together, although you can mix gold-tone with silver-tone hardware if you already do that with your jewelry.




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