Brown Tones: The Bags for Fall/Autumn 2023

Why do you think brown tones comes out when the leaves begin to turn and fall? It seems it is all about the leaves (and maybe pumpkins, too)!


Fall, or autumn, brings out those beautiful pigments in leaves around the world, when climate and geography permits. We often associate browns, oranges, yellows and reds to this season. The science behind these colors in leaves around this season comes down to the leaves ceasing their food-making process with the shortening of daylight and drop in temperature. The chlorophyll, a foundation for photosynthesis which enables plants to use sunlight to make sugar, breaks down. The green color disappears and these beautiful fall tones become visible.

The Fall Color Transition

Fall Outfit: Brown Sweater, Plaid Skirt, Boots and Jewelry


Like trees, many of us begin to transition away from our summer "foliage" as we move into the same shades of our favorite season. Along with these warming tones, we see the boots, sweaters/jumpers, vests, hats and scarves make their appearance too. 

Our Favorite Fall Trends of 2023

Teddy Coats

Whoever decided to make coats out of our favorite childhood toy material is genius. It makes perfect sense - warm, huggable, furry, comforting. 

Brown  Teddy Coat


Oversized Blazers/Shackets

The oversized blazer return from the 80s/90s is one of our favorite revivals. Commonly worn in a plaid or checked pattern, it pairs beautifully with either baggy or skinny jeans or trousers (psst! try them with faux leather trousers for a fabulously chic look!). The shacket, or shirt & jacket, is perfect for early and light fall, when the weather is perfectly mild. These options are also ideal for layering (you can remove/add as the weather changes throughout the day).

Oversized Blazer



Another 90s/early 2000s comeback, sweats are back! With the current lifestyle adjustments many of us have made spending more time at home, comfort at home has become so much more important. Sweats are the go-to option for at-home wear and perfect for popping over to the grocery store or for picking up takeout.




Our Favorite Bags for Fall 2023

Even with current lifestyle changes, we still need bags when we go out. We've collected a list of our favorite bags for autumn/fall 2023, based on the brown tones this season is noted for. Check them out below!

Sasha Geo in Amber Brown


Briefly in Amber Brown

Sasha Velvet in Pumpkin Spice

Viviana in Latte Brown

Old School in Latte Brown

Jeannie in Latte Brown

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